This helps you bring together all your Parents, Teachers, PTA members and all other stakeholders of your school in a secure environment without sharing numbers with anyone.With this you can broadcast all emergency messages, classwork, homework, pictures, videos, worksheets etc. to entire school or specific groups’ right from your phone.
With this, you can send out fee due message to all parents in one go with a direct button to pay. Parents can pay by clicking on that button in your message in one touch. The amount gets credited to your school’s account immediately & all details are available on a single screen.
This app empowers you to manage your school’s attendance digitally. You get notified as soon as attendance is taken in a class and get a full report of who are present. You can also download the excel file of any class/student for any time period for record keeping instantly.
On this you can send homework, classwork and other daily routine messages directly on a parent’s phone. They can also sign it digitally.


This app allows school administrators, teachers and parents to stay connected at all times via real time messaging. This has comprehensive features ranging from user control management to multimedia messaging support.


This communication platform for your school helps in strengthening your school's reputation and brand. Parents connected with teachers are highly appreciative of school and get thoroughly involved in the studies of their child.

Why we are best for you

One stop solution

School management software for all your school needs.

Cost Saving

Expensive in-house software and communicating with parents through paper circulars and SMS can be put to an end and thus you can save money.

Collaborative ecosystem with Parents

Schools can regularly update parents with various activities and stay connected at all time.


Create a powerful technology oriented brand for your school.

Data Security

Your school data is safe as only the school admins have access to all the school data on This dashboard.

Stay Organized

All the tasks can be managed and organized using SchoolPlus such as homework, timetable and attendance at a single click. Thus saves time of teachers.

Increased Efficiency

Without worrying about maintaining records and handling paperwork, School Plus ensures everything done in minutes.